Welcome to Clarington Baseball Association (CBA) home of the Clarington Orioles

Team Communication Apps:  communicating with players & parents can be easier when using apps designed around sports.  Load your team, add contacts and your schedule, sent instant updates and check who will be at the game.

  1. Team Stuff (link)
  2. Team Snap  (link)

House League Game Roster Template:  you can use this excel template to arrange your players positions and batting order ahead of the game

  1. Roster Template


Zooka Users:  coaches in House League Rookie division or Major 4 Pitch division of Jr. House League use Zooka pitching machines.  Below is a link for the Zooka user manual that may be helpful for those who have not used these before.  Don’t forget, you can also use Zooka’s for ground ball drills and pop flys!!

  1. Zooka Manual
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