Umpire Fees (Clarington Baseball Association)

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The CBA Board has reviewed and updated Umpire game fees for 2024. Fees are inclusive of the time to prepare for and officiate each game, per assigned umpire.

 HL 9U   32 
 HL 11U  34
 HL 13U  36
 HL 15U  48
 HL 18U  50
 SELECT 9U  36
 SELECT  11U  40
 SELECT  13U  42
 SELECT  15U  50
 SELECT  18U  54
 REP 9U  42
 REP 11U  44
 REP 13U  46
 REP 15U  62
 REP  18U   62
15U & 16U


Note: Where one umpire officiates a game that requires two umpires, 1.5x standard rate will apply for
the single official.