Welcome to Clarington Baseball Association (CBA) home of the Clarington Orioles

Thank you to all the coaches, players and families who participated in tryouts for the 2019 Elite, Rep and Select programs!  The CBA is proud to be hosting 1 Elite team (15U), 13 Rep teams (Minor Rookie through Bantam), and 3 Select teams (Rookie to Peewee) for the 2019 season.

Notes about tryouts:  each year in September/October, players have the opportunity to tryout for Elite, Rep and Select programs.  Each of these programs offers a more competitive level of baseball, beginning with Select and reaching Elite, and has limited space.  Players are selected based on skill to represent Clarington as “Orioles”.  The registration fee for tryouts is good for all levels (Elite, Rep and Select) and teams.

To get the most from tryouts:

  1. Attend all tryout dates for a team that you can – this provides the most opportunity for a player to demonstrate their skills.
  2. Attend tryouts beginning with the highest level of baseball based on the players age (e.g. start at Rep Tier 1 for Mosquito, then Tier 2, then Select) to provide the most exposure for the player and ‘practice’ for how tryouts are organized and run.
  3. If you are released from a team, proceed to the tryout for the next lower level.
  4. If you are not selected for any of the teams, keep practicing, keep developing and try again for the following season…a lot of development and growth can occur in a season.
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