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Tryouts for 2020 teams will begin in early September for all  teams.  Try out dates for several divisions have been added below.  PLEASE NOTE THE SCHEDULE HAS CHANGED, SEE BELOW:

Notes about tryouts:  each year in August/September/October, players have the opportunity to tryout for Rep and Select programs.  Each of these programs offers a more competitive level of baseball and have limited space.  Players are selected based on skill to represent Clarington as “Orioles”.  The registration fee for tryouts is good for all levels (Rep and Select) and teams and is $10.

  • Players are expected to attend T1 tryouts in order to tryout for T2.  You do not have to tryout for Rep, if your wish is to play select, but we encourage all players to tryout.
  • Tryouts are mandatory and exceptions to the tryout process are at the discretion of the head coach.  Any player who misses a tryout without permission from the head coach will not be permitted to continue on in the process.
  • Players are requested to not wear Orioles gear (including jerseys to the tryouts) bags, hats and helmets are acceptable.
  • Coaches are not permitted to have any parent helpers or previous coach’s from their age group assist in the on-field drills or in the selection process.

Good luck everyone, check back for changes to dates and times.

Do you live outside the Municipality of Clarington?

To attend a tryout for a Clarington team, you must first receive a ‘Release’ from the baseball club in your local area.  You may register for a tryout in advance, but will NOT be permitted on the field unless you are able to provide your Release.

2020 Team Tryout Dates:


Rookie Select (2011, 2012) – Coach Chuck Bailey

  • October 4, 2019 – Memorial North – 6pm
  • October 5, 2019 – Memorial North – 11am
  • October 6, 2019 – Memorial North – 9am

Peewee Select (2007, 2008) – Coach Mike Smart

  • September 26, 2019 – Orono Park – 6pm
  • September 30, 2019 – Orono Park – 6pm
  • October 2, 2019 – Orono Park – 6pm
  • CANCELLED:  October 3, 2019 – Orono Park – 6pm
  • NEW (see revised time)**:  Oct 5, 2019, Orono Park – 11am**

Mosquito Select (2009, 2010) – Coach Ian Patton

  • CANCELLED:  October 3, 2019 – Memorial South – 6pm
  • October 5, 2019 – Memorial South – 10am
  • CANCELLED:  October 6, 2019 – Memorial South 2pm
  • NEW:  Oct 10, 2019, Memorial South, 6pm
  • NEW:  Oct 11, 2019, Memorial South, 6pm

Rep – Minor Rookie (2012) – Coach Felice Cammisuli (oriolesminor2012@gmail.com)


Rep – Major Rookie (2011) – Coach Matthew Thomas (thomasm80@hotmail.com)


Rep – Minor Mosquito (2010) – Coach Colin B. Duthie (colin8duthie@gmail.com)


Rep – Major Mosquito (2009) – Coach Adam VanDam (adam_vandam@hotmail.com)


Rep – Mixed Mosquito (players who did not make the Major or Minor team are welcome to continue trying out for the Mixed team – 2009/2010) – Coach Jay Cannings (jaycannings@gmail.com)


Rep – Minor Peewee (2008) – Coach Daniel Hope (dhope@cloca.com)


Rep – Major Peewee (2007) – Coach John Fraser (onsidesportswear@yahoo.ca)


Mixed Peewee (players who did not make the Major or Minor team are welcome to continue trying out for the Mixed team – 2007/2008) – Coach Stephen Smith (smithstephen@rogers.com)


Minor Bantam Tier 1 (2006) – Coach Matt Neely (2006T1Orioles@gmail.com)


Major Bantam (2005) – Coach Mark Foster (foss82scug@hotmail.com)


Mixed Bantam (players who did not make the Major or Minor team are welcome to continue trying out for the Mixed team – 2005/2006) – Coach Mike Ovsonka (2020bantamorioles2@gmail.com)



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