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Tryout Registration - 2023 Season Elite, Rep, Select

This application form will collect player information required for tryouts.
The registration fee for tryouts is $25, which is a one-time fee for all levels (Elite, Rep, and Select).

Player Information

Players must register for the appropriate age category. Check the birth year information next to each program/division to ensure you've chosen the right one. Players are not permitted to play up (although elite teams may select underage players).
Postal Code
What program are they trying out for?
Age Division of Rep
Age Division of Select
Does the player live in the Clarington boundaries? If not, the player requires a release from their local baseball association BEFORE they will be permitted on the field for tryouts. Elite players are exempt from the residency rule and do not require a release *
Release Upload: provide the release from your local association. If you have not yet received your release, it MUST be brought to the first tryout or the player cannot be permitted on the field
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
PLEASE NOTE: Tryouts for Elite will commence August 9th 8pm - 9:30pm, Clarington Fields N/W; August 10th 7pm - 8:30pm, Clarington Fields N/W, August 13th 10am - 12pm; Clarington Fields N/W

Tryouts for Rep and Select will be posted on our website later in the season and will take place in early September 2022