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Parking at Elephant Hill Park

Parking at Elephant Hill Park in Bowmanville continues to be a challenge. While we recognize the parking lots are usually full Monday-Thursday nights, the municipality is out with a warning for those who park illegally in the area that by-law enforcement will be taking place.

The Municipality of Clarington is sending this message to families who play, practice or umpire at Elephant Hill.

The sports fields located at Elephant Hill Park, especially during game nights, can pose challenges with parking. We are looking for your organization’s assistance with reinforcing to your members, the importance of obeying parking signs, and that parking illegally comes with risk. While parking is limited in the lot attached to the fields, there is additional parking on appropriate side streets and at an overflow lot on Tilley Road. 

The Municipality asks that when using the sports fields at Elephant Hill Park, customers ensure they are abiding by all parking regulations. Illegal parking, either in posted no parking zones, or on grass, will be enforced. Violators can be ticketed up to $45 per infraction and/or be subject to towing.

Our goal is to ensure the enjoyable use of the park for our sports community and the continued enjoyment of the neighborhood by residents. We ask your organization to communicate this message to coaches and team administrative staff reinforcing where approved parking is for this location. Given the longstanding challenges with parking at this location, Municipal Law Enforcement will continue to monitor the location.

Below are maps of the area that show areas you can and cannot park. There are parking lots at 30 Maconnachie Place and at the end of Tilley Road.