Welcome to Clarington Baseball Association (CBA) home of the Clarington Orioles
  • The house league program offers open registration [no try-outs necessary] for each division, however, the volume of players/teams is limited.
  • Each age division offers a graduated baseball rules approach, with new skills and increased field size added as players move through the divisions (e.g. the Rookie division uses a pitching machine and an extra player on the field but does not allow lead offs or stealing, pitching and single base stealing is introduced in Mosquito, lead offs and dropped 3rd strike and regular stealing rules are added in Peewee, etc.).
  • Teams play other CBA teams and all games are played in the Municipality of Clarington.
  • Teamwork, skill development and fun are encouraged for new and seasoned players.
  • Games have officials (Umpires), are scored, with scores driving the standings in each division leading to playoff positions/schedules.

Ages: 8 to 18 year-olds
Season: Mid-May through August.
Games & Practices: 12 game regular season games + playoffs, with practices incorporated into the schedule (the dates of these will be determined by the CBA)


  • Rookie (born 2013 & 2014) – $150
  • Mosquito (born 2011 & 2012) – $150
  • Peewee (born 2009 & 2010) – $160
  • Bantam (born 2007 & 2008) – $175
  • Midget (born 2004, 2005 & 2006) – $175

What players need: water bottle, sneakers, baseball glove, batting helmet, grey baseball pants, jock/jill.  Optional:  baseball bat, batting gloves, cleats (without metal spikes)

What the CBA provides:  team jersey, hat, team equipment (bases, balls, bats, practice equipment, game umpires), individual and team photos

CBA Concussion Policy and Protocols

Schedule: For the 2022 Season, each division (age group) will follow the schedule below:

  • Rookie (born 2013 & 2014) – Tuesday & Thursday
  • Mosquito (born 2011 & 2011) – Monday & Wednesday
  • Peewee (born 2009 & 2010) – Tuesday & Thursday
  • Bantam (born 2007 & 2008) – Tuesday & Thursday
  • Midget (born 2004, 2005 & 2006) – Monday & Thursday
  • **NOTE:  game nights may need to be adjusted following the Municipality’s assignment of diamond time

Times for all regular House League schedules will be either 5:45 PM/6:30 PM (most divisions) or 8:30 PM (older divisions)

NOTE:  schedules with dates and field locations will be released at the beginning of May 2022 to coaches, on this website and announced via email and social media.  The first night will include the initial team meeting with your coaches and handout of uniforms.  Players are expected to attend all scheduled dates, and to inform their respective coaches of any planned vacations etc. that would make them unavailable (e.g. so that call-up players can be arranged).

New for 2019 and beyond: Partnership with Their Opportunity to offer low-income families a means to enroll their children in the Jr. House League or House League Programs.  Spots have been reserved in each program for Their Opportunity applicants.

Mission Statement: Their Opportunity exists to provide low-income families with the means to enroll their children in local sports & recreation programs. By alleviating the financial costs of enrollment fees, children can develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyle attainable through sport.

What makes us Unique: Children receiving sponsorship are required to “pay it forward” through Their Opportunity’s give-back program. This program is beneficial to both the child and the community, as children use the skills they have developed through sport to enhance the community through service and engagement.

How to apply for funding:
1) Then, go to the ‘Their Opportunity” webpage to apply for funding:

2) when your application is processed, your player’s registration will be finalized with the CBA and you will complete a Manual Registration form

To learn more about Their Opportunity visit: http://www.theiropportunity.com/ or follow us online at www.facebook.com/theiropportunity or on twitter @Their_Opp


Winter/Spring workouts will also be available with separate registration as the dates for these are established:
Winter/Spring Workouts are available to House League players in the Rookie, Mosquito and Peewee divisions.

Fees, dates, location and learning objectives will be updated here when available

INTERESTED IN COACHING A TEAM?  We are looking for volunteers as head coaches and assistant coaches for teams in the House League program.  INTERESTED IN COACHING A TEAM?  We are always looking for volunteers as head coaches, and assistant coaches for teams in our House League Program. Coaches are essential to the development of our young players. Parents of all skill levels are invited to participate in coaching. We offer a pre-season meeting to discuss everything you need to know about the season and we are available during the season to help you with any questions.

New this year we are also offering winter work out sessions for our House League coaches. You can join us to learn drills and techniques!  Remember, “A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.” [John Wooden]

Click on the For Coaches tab at the top of the screen to access a coaches application, and more tools to assist our Coaches.