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CBA Code of Conduct for Rep / Select / Elite Team Managers & Co-Managers

(new for 2020 and beyond)

I will be approachable to the players and family members of my team, understanding that I may receive and be responsible to communicate feedback to the coaching staff and/or the program Director or CBA Board of Directors as appropriate.

I will work with the player families to:

  • create and maintain an approved budget for team funds, including sponsorship, fundraising, player fees collected by our team and all planned expenses for the season
  • communicate updates to budgets, and identify all funds dispersed on a monthly basis to both the team families and the CBA Treasurer
  • communicate team needs & scheduled events knowing that families have many obligations and need time to plan for baseball commitments

I will ensure that all funds administered by the team are done so prudently, on a timely basis, in alignment with the established budget, tracked and reported.

I will work with the head coach to:

  • Register and pay for tournaments
  • Submit game scores and pitch counts
  • Monitor coach requirements and deadlines to maintain roster status (e.g. coach clinics)
  • Submit receipts for CBA covered team & coach expenses (e.g. uniforms, clinics/courses)
  • Maintain the schedule of games, practices and events, informing families and appropriate commissioners/directors (e.g. CBA, EOBA, EOSBA) of any changes/updates
  • Collect player information or proof of age and update the CBA Registrar as needed

I recognize as a team manager/co-manager I represent our team, as well as the CBA and will conduct myself professionally, demonstrating respect for teams, players, families, coaches, game officials, sponsors, vendors, professional service providers and Club representatives both inside and outside my organization.

I will not use bad language, nor will I harass or heckle athletes, coaches, game officials, other spectators, sponsors, vendors, professional service providers or Club officials by way of emails, voice messages, text messages (including “tweeting”) and social network postings.