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DateWorkshop TitleTimeFee
2018/02/03Initiation8:00 AM$35
2018/02/03Hitting1:00 PM$40
2018/02/10Teaching & Learning8:00 AM$40
2018/02/10Baserunning1:00 PM$40
2018/02/24Absolutes8:00 AM$40
2018/02/24Infielding1:00 PM$40
2018/03/03Planning8:00 AM$40
2018/03/03Pitching & Catching1:00 PM$40
2018/03/24Strategies8:00 AM$40
2018/03/24Outfielding1:00 PM$40

Registration is done directly on the Baseball Canada NCCP site: https://nccp.baseball.ca/index.php?page=180

Please Note:

  1. Participants must complete the Initiation Course BEFORE attending an Initiation Workshop. Registration for the Initiation Workshop must be done through the coach’s on-line profile.
  2. Participants must complete the Initiation Course and Initiation Workshop BEFORE attending a Regional Coach Workshop.

Site of Clinic: Clarington Central Secondary School – 200 Clarington Blvd. Bowmanville On L1C 5N8

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