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Ontario Baseball Association [OBA] Umpiring Clinic

Looking to umpire in 2020?  New and returning umpires will need to attend umpire clinics to maintain or advance their certification levels.

Please also ensure you complete an ‘Application’ for the CBA so we have your information on file and can reach you to inform you of meetings and other events with the CBA.

UPDATE:  BASEBALL ONTARIO has cancelled all in person Umpire Clinics for the remainder of the 2020 season, see message from them below:

Level 3 Umpire SuperClinics:
SuperClinics will be cancelled. Level 3 umpires will certify via an online exam as they did in 2019. The Exam will be made available March 23rd, and payments already received will be transferred to exam registrations.
Level 1 & Level 2 Umpire Clinics:
As of Monday, March 16th, there will be no in-person Level 1 & 2 clinics for the remainder of this season. We will introduce online training so that certification can be achieved for 2020. More details will be shared by April 3rd.
CBA will post additional information here when updates on online training are available.  All registrations that were done prior to this announcement will be refunded.