Welcome to Clarington Baseball Association (CBA) home of the Clarington Orioles

Clarington Baseball Association is proud to host teams for ages 3 to 19 years, 86 teams in all in the 2018 season, and 81 teams in the 2019 season!  Coaches are key to enabling youth to grow and develop skills that are valuable both on and off the field.

Coaching Application - Rep / Select Programs
Coach Applicants: DEADLINE TO APPLY IS AUG 7, 2020

How it Works
1) Submit your application, providing which program/division you are interested in (select all that apply)
2) Our Selection Panel will review applications
3) If required, applicants will be contacted for an interview
4) Final selections will be made by our Board of Directors
5) All applicants will be advised that the process is complete, and coaches announced as current teams finish their seasons

Tryout dates for each division will be set by the CBA, with information provided to applicants as we go through the interview stage, so each potential coach can put in place plans for the tryouts.

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