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Clarington Baseball Association is proud to host teams for ages 3 to 19 years, 86 teams in all in the 2018 season!  Coaches are key to enabling youth to grow and develop skills that are valuable both on and off the field.


Applications for 2019 House League (ages 8-19), Jr. House League (ages 4-7) and Blastball (age 3) are now being accepted!  Let us know you are interested so we can keep you up to date with upcoming opportunities, important dates and information, and THANK YOU!

Coaching Application (Blastball, Jr. House League, House League 2019)

Thank you for your interest in helping Clarington youth learn and grow their skills on and off the field for the 2019 baseball season!

What does it take to be a coach?
The first component is time. Blastball and Jr. House League teams are on the field once per week, with practices incorporated into the regular game schedule. House League teams are on the field TWICE per week, on a dedicated schedule. This schedule includes games and practice time with the team. We are looking for coaches able to commit the time to their team, along with some time off the field to communicate with families, set up for practices (e.g. planning) and games (e.g. preparing a game roster, batting line up).

A willingness to learn and teach baseball and sportsmanlike skills rounds out needs for coaching. Some kids learn quickly, some need to be shown what to do, and others will take longer to pick up the skills. Patience, drills, repetition and a ton of encouragement help make development possible. The CBA support coaches with example practice plans, roster templates, links to drill videos, and more, to help coaches learn and grow in addition to our athletes.

"A good coach can change a game...A great coach can change a life [John Wooden]" Coaches are role models for our youth, and have a lasting impact on those they coach.

Indicate which program and age division you are interested in coaching:

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The Clarington Baseball Association [CBA] will select coaches and assistant coaches to be approved by the Board of the CBA. All candidates agree to abide by the CBA Constitution and By-Laws and further will also abide by the CBA Policies and Procedures and CBA Coaches Code of Conduct. Successful candidates must provide or acquire a successful Police Criminal Information Report, complete with a Vulnerable Sector check.

I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to a coaching position, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.

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