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Welcome Clarington Umpires!!

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Umpire Application 2022
Looking to umpire this coming season? Clarington Baseball Association welcomes new and returning umpires, you make it possible to enable hundreds of kids in Clarington to play baseball each season!!

What does it take to be an umpire?
- be at least 14 years of age
- take a certification course initially, and maintain certification in future years
- register with us to ensure you are in our system for communications and scheduling
- be willing to act professionally and in line with our Code of Conduct

What makes a great umpire?
- passion for the game
- outgoing/self-assured attitude
- openness to continually learning
- Ideally can commit to 2 or more games/week

This address will be used for scheduling and communications with the CBA
If you haven't yet registered, please go to https://www.baseballontario.com/Umpires/ and register yourself, which will give you an OBA umpire registration number. This number links to your certifications/courses.
Chest protector, Jock/jill, Mask, Shin pads, Plate brush/counter.New Umpire Rebate Program: the CBA offers a rebate program to new umpires who are required to purchase equipment. Rebates up to $100 are available, based on the purchases made, and the number of games worked in the season (e.g. $5 is 'earned' per game worked, to a max of $100 or the value of purchases, whichever is less). Parents: save any receipts for equipment purchased to submit for this rebate at the end of the season!
Please review the Code of Conduct. Required reading before submitting.