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Annual General Meeting

Have your say!  As a CBA member, you’re invited to attend our virtual Annual General Meeting on October 21 at 7pm.

Please register in advance here.  The link will be sent, only to those registered, closer to the event date.

The evening will consist of a general update, other business, the election of officers, and a review of the proposed updates to the Constitution listed below.

The following Board of Director positions will be vacant for the upcoming term.

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Scheduling
  • Director of House League
  • Director of Jr. House League
  • Director of House League Player & Coach Development

Should you wish to nominate yourself or someone you know, please do so by email to Chris Steven, CBA Registrar at registrar@claringtonbaseball.ca before October 7, 2021.

Positions with only one nomination will be acclaimed on October 8, 2021 and voted in officially at the AGM.  Positions with more than two nominations, will be voted on that evening. Nominations from the floor at the AGM will only be accepted for those positions without a nomination in advance of October 7, 2021.

Proposed constitution updates

Article 6

Removed the role of Sponsorship Director, the tasks associated with this role have been merged with the Director of Marketing and Communications

 Article 7 and 10

Added the word ‘payment’ with the word ‘cheque’ to further clarify how funds may leave the CBA (e.g. electronic payment)

10:2 Cheques/payments issued by the CBA shall have at least 2 signatures.  Signatures for any given cheque cannot include the Payee, this is inclusive of a Payee as a principle within an organization owed funds by the CBA (e.g. the vice-president cannot sign a cheque payable to his/her self or a company in which he/she works).

7:4 The treasurer shall manage and record all financial matters (accounts receivable and payable) of the Association; he/she shall issue, upon request any receipts for monies received and shall issue cheques/payments, as per the Constitution and with approval of the Executive, for accounts payable; he/she shall provide a detailed year‐to‐date financial statement for each meeting of the Executive; he/she shall prepare a proposed Budget for approval by the Executive at the November meeting. The treasurer shall coordinate and provide records to facilitate the annual financial audit, and routine bookkeeping.  The treasurer shall have signing authority.

Article 10

Added details for funds remaining in Rep/Select team accounts at end of season.  This aligns with the new CBA Team Accounts that do no close annually, rather they are re-assigned to the next team in that division

Added that ‘family’ discounts will be determined on an annual basis (this allows flexibility as fees change over time)

10:8 ALL teams must have a zero balance at the end of the playing season, with funds remaining in the assigned account to cover outstanding cheques and 2 months service fees. Monies cannot be carried

Article 15

Increased details on requirements for coaches (note here the term Manager and Head Coach are the same) and Team Manager/Co-Manager (referring to parent reps that handle sensitive information and team funds/bank accounts) after CBA Board Approval, that this approval is conditional on submission of Code of Conduct (including Rowan’s Law conditions), Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Check and completion of required NCCP courses (coaches only for courses).

15:1 Each (Rep) team should have minimum three (3) coaches who are approved by the CBA, approval is conditional upon successful completion of a) police check with vulnerable sector check, b) provision of a signed Code of Conduct and c) successful completion of required NCCP certification/courses. All coaches must have their full NCCP required certification.  The CBA will reimburse said coaches for courses upon proof of successful completion, in accordance with section 3 below.

15:10 All Managers, Coaches and Assistant Coaches of League teams of the CBA must produce a valid “police check” (including vulnerable sector check) or appropriate Offense Declaration every two (2) years in order to remain in good standing with the Executive.    In the year where a new police check is not required, an appropriate Offense Declaration is required to be submitted.

Manager/Coach police checks/declarations must be submitted prior to the winter/spring team workouts.

Team Manager/Co-Manager (parent representatives on a Rep/Select team who handle communications and team bank accounts) must submit their police check/declarations prior to being authorized on CBA Team bank accounts.

Where a police check or declaration indicates a history of charges, the CBA will determine the acceptability of the charges in accordance with the guidelines established by Baseball Ontario.

13:5 Family discounts will be offered where there are 3 or more children under the age of 18, registered from the same household.  The amount of discount will be approved annually by the Executive.

Article 19

Updated presidents list dates to include Julie VanHartingsveldt